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Pregnancy Yoga DVD by Trine Hedegaard (English)

Happy Yogini Productions
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Trine has tailored a yoga program for you and your unborn child

A pregnancy yoga program for those of you who wish to:

  • Strengthen your pregnant body safely

  • Prepare your body and mind for giving birth to your child

  • Prevent or alleviate discomfort such as pain in your pelvis, lumbar region or back

  • Learn how to breathe during contractions and work with the birthing muscles

  • Acquire a repertoire of movements and positions that can help you during labour

  • Enjoy a calm yoga session and turn your attention towards your unborn child

DVD contents

Long yoga program (approx. 65 min.), Short yoga program (approx. 35 min.), Breathing exercises & baby meditation (approx. 10 min.), Guided relaxation (approx. 10 min.), Preparing for the birth (approx. 20 min.)

Pregnancy yoga ideal for all levels – from novice to expert

Put together your own yoga program

This DVD comprises several different programs that you can vary according to your energy levels and the time you have available. Some days, you may only be able to manage the guided relaxation and baby meditation, but that’s fine. Your child, your hormone system and your nervous system will love you for it! The most important thing to remember is to listen to your body and only do what feels right for you.

All you need to get started is a yoga mat or some other non-slip surface, a couple of cushions, and perhaps a blanket for the relaxation techniques.

About the instructor

Trine Hedegaard is an internationally certified yoga & meditation instructor specialising in yoga for women, including fertility yoga, pre-natal yoga and post-natal yoga. She lives in Copenhagen with her husband and two children, and runs the Yogini Yoga studio there.

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"Trine's gorgeous pregnancy-yoga DVD is such a wonderful gift to expecting mothers and their unborn babies. It is so tastefully done, easy to follow, well instucted, highly effective and safe" Anna Verwaal (RN, CLE), Prenatal Educator, Maternal-Child Health nurse, USA

"Trine's pregnancy-dvd is beautiful. It's quiet and calm, soft and strong all at the same time and easy to follow, which is so important when doing yoga with a dvd. It teaches a woman what she needs to keep her body feeling well and empowered during pregnancy.” Nadia Narain, Yoga teacher, Head of Pregnancy at Tri Yoga London 

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